Will listening to music make you less stressed? New study says……


Short ‘n’ healthful:

As I embarked on my morning run, I was worried. No, I was stressed. I was ten minutes behind my morning schedule and if I didn’t reach Usain Bolt like speeds during my run, I was going to be late for work. Again. Then like clockwork, I inserted earbuds into my ears and the stress suddenly lifted.  As I heard about Jay Z’s 99 problems – of which a bitch was not one – and found out that, in fact, Eminem was slim shady, the real slim shady, my stress progressively lifted. Unfortunately because my stress levels were so low, I ended up being three hours late for work. Drat! On a positive note, this did prompt me to ask a question. What is that question, you question?  That question is: does listening to music make you less stressed?  


The science:

Apparently, I’m not the only one to have experienced the exact, above scenario. I say this because scientists have recently conducted a study to determine whether music decreases real world stress.

In this most stressful of studies, 55 university students were asked to rate the amount of music they had been listening to, their self rated stress levels and a measure of their stress hormone (cortisol) levels were taken. These measures were taken both during the semester and during the exam period. The study found that listening to more music was associated with statistically significant lower levels of self-rated stress and blood cortisol. Stress levels were found to be even lower if a student listened to music solely for relaxation. You ripper!


Is it healthful:

Usual story – these findings are from a single study and they are only correlational in nature. Meaning we can’t be certain that this isn’t just a coincidence. In saying this, listening to music may be slightly healthful for reducing stress. Listening to German death metal, maybe not so much.

I hope this has been healthful. Does music chill you out, man?    


16 thoughts on “Will listening to music make you less stressed? New study says……

  1. Awesome to hear! Whenever I’m in a funk or need something to make my day go a little quicker, I turn on the tunes and go. Happy to hear that my brain is happy with it 🙂

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  2. Ah, but for the more aggressive in nature, German Death Metal can make a fella happy. The trick here, is that we’re not all alike and what makes someone less stressed, stressed the hell out of others. For you, classical music may be soothing. For me, unless I’m in the PERFECT mood, makes me want to punch something. Music is very relative.

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  3. It definitely helps me in the morning. When I walk to work I put those ear buds on, select a channel that is upbeat and get moving. Humming or singing or laughing helps me relax but energizes me at the same time. On the way home I put on calmer music and walk and admire the trees and flowers.

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