Does the colour of your team’s jersey affect their performance? The unbelievable scientific answer.


Short ‘n’ healthful article: 

I chose several of my sports teams based on their colours – black and white. Plain, simple, suave – how could they not lose?  Well despite their extreme suaveness, each of my teams are consistent. Consistently mediocre! So this made me think, does the colour of a team’s kit determine their sports performance?  Oh and more importantly, if you’re starting a new sports team which colour kit should you choose?


The science:

Well, ladies and gentleman a new study has answered this exact question. In this study there were two parts. 

In part one, players analysed the position of virtual players wearing either white or green kits. Player position was 5% better assessed when players wore white outfits compared to green outfits.  One would think, this should then correlate with a slight improvement in performance – 5% perhaps?

In the second part of the study, researchers analysed select  EPL team’s kit colours. The researchers found that: Manchester City conceded less goals against teams with highly visible kits.  Additionally, it was reported that Newcastle United conceded less goals and scored more goals when wearing a less visible kit.

This indicates that the simple white uniform might be the best for improving a team’s performance. Therefore, I can only conclude that if Newcastle United scrapped the black stripe they would have easily won the EPL this year. In fact, I believe they should be given the title retrospectively based on this data. Do you agree?

Newcastle Fans Wembley 1998 FA Cup Final

Is it healthful:

Yes, the studies were small and correlational. But, heck, they were very interesting and it kind of makes sense! While the colour of your team’s uniform is unlikely going to replace talent, training and budget it’s something simple you can look at for a potentially minor performance enhancing effect. Even if it’s very minor.

Our verdict: Wearing a white uniform is slightly healthful. 

I hope this has been healthful. Do you win more when you wear white? 


8 thoughts on “Does the colour of your team’s jersey affect their performance? The unbelievable scientific answer.

  1. I have seen studies that have shown that wearing RED gives teams a slight edge (think Liverpool & ManU long periods of dominance) because it is pyschologically associated with passion and intensity.

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  2. I would also add red on black. It’s understated yet looks ridiculously awesome. I just happen to be blessed with the most amazing red on black bike and when I get all decked out, not only do I look awesome, I absolutely ride with a little more intensity… Which brings an additional component to the study: gender. I would also bet that what the team feels about their uniform would have an effect on their performance.

    Excellently interesting post!

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