Pilates: are you wasting your money?


The scientific facts on Pilates. Hint: you could be wasting your money!

Is it healthful?

It’s Saturday morning.  As the scent of caffeine fills your nostrils and drags you from your bed to your nearest cafe in a zombified state, your senses are enlightened. Fluorescent free runs, tantalisingly tight tights and Lululemon logos fill your eyes, but what on earth are these people cueing up for?  The answer, Pilates.

Used by physiotherapists, dancers, gyms and the obvious, Pilates studios, the popularity of Pilates has reached pandemic proportions. So is Pilates just overpriced weight training for the young and trendy, or is it the panacea its proponents claim it to be?

Pilates for back pain:

Many (including health professionals) believe that Pilates and core strengthening are the only solution to crippling low back pain.  If this is you, it might be time to rethink this mantra.

Three great quality studies tell us that Pilates is better than rest in the short term, but is no more effective than…

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