This little known vegetable will improve your sports performance, quick!


Is it healthful?

Eating cavemen’s food, only consuming almonds that have been activated and avoiding oil from anything other than a coconut – food trends are getting weirder and weirder.  The latest of these weird and (occasionally) wonderful trends is consuming beet (beetroot) juice. Yes, juice from the humble, humdrum beet.

Consuming beet juice has been postulated to: improve sports performance, lower your blood pressure and heck, it will probably make you GOD! It sure doesn’t sound particularly appetising, so it must be really, really good for you!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you this: should you embrace your inner Dwight Shrute and just beet it? Or are you simply wasting your time on an unappetising, tooth discolouring, moustache meddling, sex appeal killing beverage?  Let’s find out!


Why it might work:

Before I tell you whether it does work, I’m going to tease you with the theory on why it might work.

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