Will a night on the booze make you lose? Alcohol and sports performance.


Is it healthful?

Can anyone remember a headline about an elite athlete drinking too much, partying too hard and ultimately getting themselves in to a spot of bother?  I sure can’t! Although, I must divulge, I do suffer from severe amnesia.


Sarcasm aside, drinking and sport seem to go hand in hand. David Boon infamously inhaled 52 frothies (that’s Australian for beer) on a flight; John Daly spent the majority of his golfing career drunk; and Wade Boggs supposedly skulled 107 stouts on a mere cross country trip. Unsurprisingly, stories like these have led sporting clubs to stop their athletes from drinking, even in low amounts, in any sort of proximity to games. Now, even amateur sporting clubs are implementing similar policies, as weekend warriors attempt to emulate their less than sober superstars both on and now off the field. So, while I don’t condone excess drinking, I’m curious to find out does…

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4 thoughts on “Will a night on the booze make you lose? Alcohol and sports performance.

  1. Well now, this is a question right up my alley! You’re never useless the next day when you have the hair of the dog… And lots of food. And orange juice. And aspirin. Lots of aspirin.

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      1. Oh, don’t get me started on Lance. He did some bad things but when it came to doping, the only thing he was guilty of was doing it better than anyone else. There’s a reason they didn’t confer his titles to another cyclist. They had to go too far back in the peloton to find a cyclist who wasn’t already busted for doping. 😉

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      2. Haha I shouldn’t have even mentioned the name! Yeah, I’d agree – the man was/is an athletic phenomenon. Unfortunately he’s the poster child for doping, so I consistently make reference to him when it comes to performance enhancement.

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