The spice that might give you the edge over your competitors!


Short ‘n’ healthful article:

Another day, another absurd food product. Today’s food (spice) has been hot for a while now, both in temperature and popularity. I am, of course, talking about turmeric.  According to the superfoodies out there, if you’re not consuming turmeric on the regular, you’re not shit!  More recently, those superfoodies have taken a particular interest in the effects of turmeric on exercise recovery.  Personally I think that food products in isolation are overhyped and have minimal effect on health and exercise performance. Particularly considering most people haven’t got their diets or training regimes right in the first place. But opinions aside, I thought I would have a very brief look at the science on turmeric.  So, this has led me to ask: should you forgo, or embrace that pre-exercise chicken tandoori?


The science:

As I am incredibly time poor at the moment, I’m only going to have a look at a single study.  Sorry!

This study had half a group of younger gentlemen consume turmeric and the other half consume a similar placebo concoction, two days before and three days after heavily intense exercise.  The group that consumed the turmeric reported less pain (approximately 2/10 less) during pain provoking tasks and a small improvement in jumping performance after exercise. 


Is it healthful:

Although, I’m basing this on fairly low quality research, it appears turmeric consumption will likely enhance recovery from exercise – other “anti-inflammatory” foods appear to do the same. As usual, it’s not going to replace correct, periodised training or consuming a healthy diet, but it may be a useful adjunct. Particularly if you’re competing at a high level. For this reason, turmeric consumption is slightly-moderately healthful when it comes to enhancing exercise recovery. 

I hope this has been healthful. Have you ever tried this? 


17 thoughts on “The spice that might give you the edge over your competitors!

  1. I like what you wrote about it, that it’s likely overhyped. I’d bet the turmeric movement works more like the whole “gluten-free” movement, where many of the benefits stem from mental changes than physical.

    It would be very simple to check whether there are real anti-inflammatory benefits with a simple blood test. Instead they go with a “how much pain do you feel, 1 to 10. I’m skeptical.

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    1. Yeah I’d say it probably does. I’ve taken anti-inflammatory tablets and I’ve trialled fish oil and turmeric. I found the anti-Inflamms to be much more effective.

      In saying that, I believe there is some data demonstrating that turmeric modestly decreases biomarkers.

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  2. I agree with you regarding turmeric and athletic performance. It is, however, a very good anti-inflammatory that can replace NSAIDS effectively without causing the typical side effects. It also has strong anti carcinogenic components. A great spice to add to a healthy food regimen.

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  3. Yep, I have a tumeric & ginger tea most days. Does it work? Like with many things it is difficult to say as it is only one of the many tricks that I use to help exercise-induced inflammation, but I believe It certainly doesn’t do any harm.

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  4. I typically use turmeric on a regular basis as well as ginger and seaweed. I believe they have there their benefits. Seaweed is also an anti-inflammatory. After having finished a 95 mile bike ride recently, my DOMS was significantly reduced. I’ll continue with the natural approach since it works for me. Good article.


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  5. I like to add a tsp of turmeric to as much of my food as possible, for it’s natural anti depressant qualities. My mental health has gone from strength to strength this year and I do attribute that in part to turmeric. I decided to do my own little test and stopped adding it to my food for a while. I didn’t tell my partner, but after nearly three weeks he broached the depression subject with me, he said he knew I was fine but that he thought I might be more stressed than usual? I found that really interesting but there may be other factors involved.

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