Does listening to music make you run faster? New study has the answer. 

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Short ‘n’ healthful article: 

You’re ambling along, until suddenly your favourite song comes on. Your beat, your jam, your rhythm! What was once a leisurely stroll becomes a shoe scuffing sprint. Are you going insane, or does listening to music make you quick? Like, super quick. Well a new scientific study has the answer for you.


In this study a small group of runners went for, you guessed it, a run. The group were assigned to run with either fast music, slow music, or God forbid, no music. Those that listened to fast music ran at a faster pace, achieved a higher peak heart rate, but didn’t feel like they were working any harder than the other groups.

Therefore, based on this study, fast music may directly improve your sport performance, or at least optimise your training sessions, indirectly improving performance. 


Our verdict: moderately healthful, if your music is fast. Again not based on the strongest scientific evidence, but it’s definitely worth a try!

I hope this has been healthful. Let me know your thoughts – are you quicker when you listen to music?


32 thoughts on “Does listening to music make you run faster? New study has the answer. 

  1. I wonder how music effects resistive exercise. Will music help you lift heavier or increase the number or repetitions? Will the loss of focus reduce the effectiveness of the lift. I laugh as I write this because I am nearly 56 years old and am the only one at my gym without ear buds. I have been training for 38 years. I have recently learned the definition of getting old. When the youth come up to me and ask my age, they usually say something like, “wow, you look really good….. for your age.” Twenty years ago those last three words weren’t added onto the sentence.
    Maybe I’ll go out and get a set of ear buds just so I can tell you if music effects the quality of my workout. Stay healthy and strong!

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  2. Reblogged this on SnapBack and commented:
    Listening to classical music while you read is supposed to increase your comprehension and in my expwerience I think it does. Maybe the music has a way of keeping you focused? If so what music does for reading comprehension should be transferrable to the focus your body needs to exercise at a highly efficient level? Fascinating stuff!


  3. We just had this conversation at our marathon training clinic last night! I’ll usually listen to music when I’m training alone, but when I’m out on a group run, I’ll opt to go without. I usually do races without too as I do think it helps me be more aware of what’s going on with my body. On a treadmill though? Music is a must!

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  4. Depends on your mood! I find that if I am super energetic then music really helps me, otherwise I think it can slow me down. Personally I hate hearing myself breathing and music usually helps me zone out and forget how out of breath I am.

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