The top science backed ways to get healthy!


Is it healthful?

A Fitbit, Lululemon tights and a brand spanking pair of fluorescent Nike Free Runs.  Yes, you’re looking like wealth and boy are you motivated to exercise. Excellent!

Fast forward a week and your Free Runs are losing their lustre, your Fitbit sits on your bedside table judging you silently as only an inanimate/relatively inanimate object could, and the only exercise your Lululemons get is the walk from your home to the local coffee shop.  We’ve all experienced this before, or some sort of variation on this.  So what are the scientifically proven ways to get healthy? More Lululemon? Probably not.


Physical health strategies:

Gym memberships, personal trainers and dieticians:

The data is limited regarding the effects of having a gym membership on exercise performed. Although, it is a well known fact that gyms make a lot of money from people not using their memberships! In fact, a review study found…

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4 thoughts on “The top science backed ways to get healthy!

    1. Hi Krishna,

      Thanks for the comment. Compression garments providing 10-15 mm Hg of compression to the calves worn as often as possible often help .

      These other conservative interventions often prevent varicose veins from getting worse:
      -exercise/weight loss
      -avoiding prolonged standing
      -avoiding clothes that constrict areas above the knee

      If the varicose veins are severe, or cause significant symptoms then discussing surgical options with a vascular surgeon may be worthwhile.

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