Science on high intensity interval training: HIIT, or SHIIT?


Is it healthful?

Let me pose you a question: would you rather go down to the video store (if it hasn’t yet gone bankrupt) to hire a DVD, or stream it from the comfort of your own home?  You’ve probably answered: the comfort of your own home, unless of course you get all nostalgic about walking down the street to hire discs. I know I do!

Okay, okay, now let me pose you a further question: would you rather spend one hour exercising, or 30 minutes?  Stop, don’t answer that just yet. What if I were to say that both workouts would give you equivalent results? Unless you’re a time wasting enthusiast, pain junky, or DOMS devotee you’re probably going to answer 30 minutes.  Well a new (old) exercise regiment known as  high intensity interval training (HIIT) is offering just that.

Yes, if you believe one of the internet’s many great fitness prophets…

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4 thoughts on “Science on high intensity interval training: HIIT, or SHIIT?

  1. I never know with this. I did the insanity programme in 2012 and in many ways I felt fitter than I’ve ever felt, and my body felt the most ‘tight’ it’s ever been. But I tried to go for a run a couple of weeks after I’d finished the programme and I had barely any stamina. I know they’re different types of exercise, but I just kinda thought my overall fitness level would’ve helped me a little bit.
    It’s annoying because I really want to be a runner, but over winter hiit is amazing because you can do it in your living room without fear of slipping on your ass in the ice, lol!


    1. I’m surprised that the HIIT didn’t help. Although generally the more similar your training is to the sport you want to do the better it prepares you.

      Haha so true – such a great form of exercise to stop you from slipping on your ass!


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