Are protein supplements really the whey to go?

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Is it healthful?

Protein shakes have divided nations! Some will be critical of the singlet toting gym junky’s protein shaker and others will feel inspired to shake themselves. So should you protein shake?

To shake or not to shake?

One quality scientific review, found protein supplementation with resistance training to increase muscle mass more than resistance training alone. Additionally, in conjunction with a healthy diet protein supplementation can aid in fat loss (1). A further review study found protein ingestion with resistance training to increase muscle mass, strength, explosive power and power during endurance based tasks more than resistance training alone (2). This tells us you should get shaking!

What, when, how to shake:

If it is an entire protein supplement you are consuming such as whey powder, then consuming the product within 30 minutes post workout appears to offer maximal strength and muscle mass benefits (3). Consuming protein…

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7 thoughts on “Are protein supplements really the whey to go?

  1. Normal human needs 1 gm of protein per kg that we van easily get from our diet so no more artificial supplements ,its all about advertisements and business else why don’t fda approve supplement


    1. Resistance trained athletes, the focus of this article, require 1.5-1.7 g/kg body weight. Yes, most people probably get sufficient protein from their diet – I think protein powder merely enables them to get protein in closer proximity to exercise, thus maximising resistance training adaptations. Scientific evidence has consistently proven that protein powder enhances protein synthesis and hypertrophy (muscle mass) when compared to diet alone, so it clearly has some role.

      Dietary supplements do not require FDA approval ( That would be why.


      1. As far as I have researched ,excess protein leads to complications ,specially animal protein and supplements , if fda can certify basic food items so it can approve supplement too but again its business economic as huge market of supplement will crash if fda disapprove them , yes definitely supplement enhance performance and gain muscle but its not natural look at our past ,gladiators they never took supplement but aren’t they fit ,of course they were concept is now more cosmetic than healthy


      2. Foods and supplements are under the same FDA regulation – they don’t need to be individually approved. Whey is extracted from milk, which obviously is a food.

        Regarding excess protein intake, the data is unclear. Studies in animals have provided contrasting results, whereas the human data is correlative and unclear whether the problem is protein, nitrates, excess saturated fat, or other.

        Yeah I agree it’s unnatural and you can get results without protein powder. I think it is, however, a convenient means to get close to workout protein intake in a time poor society.


      3. Being a nutritionist I very well know ,whey we get from milk ,I give you one research I drink 3 litre milk daily ,100 ml milks gives 3 gm of protein , that makes 30 gm for a litre and 90 gm for 3 L besides this I take cheese ,yogurt , chia ,hemp all veg sources of protein approx , 150 gm of protein daily ,I weigh 68 kg I am not huge I am muscular but lean not like what we see ,I don’t have any disease ,I workout 6 days in a week 1 hour daily still nothing great ,my clients take supplements they weigh around 90 kg average ,huge in 1 year and I have been working out from 19 years ,now where is the hitch ,my clients are getting huge I am not ,because I don’t take supplement ,this mean there is something fishy


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