The information on inflammation: science on the anti-inflammatory diet

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Is it healthful?

Bitumen on a sweaty, sultry summer’s day. Doesn’t get much hotter, right? Wrong! Right now the anti-inflammatory diet is hotter than Hades. Heck, it’s hotter than Hansel, who as you know, is so hot right know. As the anti-inflammatory diet’s popularity reaches fever pitch, we ask ourselves is this just another fad diet, or is it the answer to all the our problems?



Before I even answer that question, why shouldyou even consider consuming an anti-inflammatory diet? Well, inflammation in one way or another, has been found to be consistently associated with nearly every single chronic disease. However, just because something is associated with something else doesn’t mean it is definitely the cause. But it is a cause for concern! So, that brings us to the age old question, does it work?


Cardiovascular health:

The Mediterranean diet, which is remarkably similar to the anti-inflammatory diet, has been demonstrated to…

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