Should you really be stretching?

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Is it healthful?

As a child I was huge fan of Gumby and I enjoyed nothing more than giving Stretch Armstrong’s arms a good old, well, stretch. One thing I noticed was that neither Stretch nor Gumby ever sustained a musculoskeletal injury. Nope, not once ever! Was this because they were so stretchy, or do cartoon characters simply not get injured? More importantly, this has prompted me to ask, does stretching before exercise actually do anything? Anything at all?


Muscle soreness (DOMS):

With regard to muscle soreness, it doesn’t matter whether you stretch before or after exercise. In fact, it doesn’t actually matter if you stretch at all! Say what?!

Yep, a Cochrane Review – which is basically the Rolls Royce of scientific studies – found stretching to have no substantial effect on muscle soreness in the days after intense exercise (1). Don’t give in though, we’ll blog on the best…

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4 thoughts on “Should you really be stretching?

      1. When I stretch I feel like all the knots and kinks are being undone. I’ve often wondered what a stretching rack would feel like. Hmm I think I’ve been watching too many period piece movies!

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