Does science spoil coconut oil?

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Is it healthful?

More and more people are going loco for coco; nuts for coconuts. Coconut oil to be specific. It’s touted as a healthy alternative to butter, vegetable oil and margarine, yet it actually tastes pretty bloody good (Australian talk, sorry). The reason it tastes so darn delicious is because 92% of its fat is saturated.Hold up! Hold up! How on earth can something with such a high saturated (bad) fat content ever be healthy?

That’s a fantastic question, thanks for asking. The saturated fat in coconut oil is a unique type. It’s made up predominately of medium chain fatty acids, which means its chemical structure is slightly different to that of other saturated fats and these medium chain triglycerides are proposed to not have the negative health effects of normal saturated fat. So is coconut oil a good-bad fat, or are we being told a big fat lie?


The science. The…

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