Is your Yogi having you on, or does Yoga work?

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Is it healthful?

If you read my previous blog, I revealed that Pilates is no better than regular exercise and a lot more expensive.  No doubt this article sent a shiver down the spine of all you yummy Yogis out there, knowing that Yoga was probably going to be the next to be named and well, shamed. The time has come, folks, Yoga has been named, but has it been shamed? Let’s have a look at the scientific evidence surrounding Yoga in several different groups.


Low back pain: 

Two separate review studies found strong evidence that yoga improves pain, level of disability and quality of life in the short term and moderate evidence that it has a long term effect on these measures (1, 2).  In another review study, when compared to other interventions for low back pain, Yoga was found to be more effective, although the studies analysed were…

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