The Paleo diet: are you living under a rock (or not)?

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Is it healthful?

Whether it’s the holier than thou douchebaggery that goes with the Paleo diet, or the fact that the life expectancy of the Paleolithic people was 35 years for men and 30 years for women, the Paleo diet does not sit well with me.  So does the Paleo diet really work? Or have the cavemen pulled off one of the greatest marketing campaigns in history?



Before I answer that, let me give you basic outline of the Paleo diet – just in case you’ve been living under a rock (zing)! The diet is high in protein from meats and nuts, high in fibre from sources other than grains and limits carbohydrates by focusing on non-starchy vegetables. Dairy, grains, processed oils, sugars and salts are strictly off limits with this diet.  Unsure whether it’s Paleo? Well if it’s raw and overpriced, it probably is (sorry that was mean).


General health:

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