Kombucha: the simple, scientific facts!

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Is it healthful?

My girlfriend often makes me drink Kombucha tea because it will apparently stop me from getting sick – I say this as I am getting sick. The fungus, the smell, the taste: every part of the Kombucha drinking experience I despise.  So, I thought I would consult the scientific research on the subject, so I never will be forced to drink this retched, ghastly beverage again.  Did I make a mistake?  Possibly.


Science’s verdict on Kombucha: 

Because the hype around Kombucha is pretty new, not a lot of research has been conducted on this so called magical tea.  The research that does exist has been conducted on animals, which in scientific terms is considered pretty low quality, early stage research.  Anyhow, let’s have a look at the limited evidence we do have.

Antimicrobial effects:

Seven different studies on cells and animals found that Kombucha kills microorganisms involved in…

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