The stone cold science on hangover cures: this will surprise you!

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Before you head out tonight, read this and prevent tomorrow’s hangover!

Is it healthful?

What I achieved yesterday: little. Why: hangover. Some will swear by the classic remedies: hair of the dog, bacon and eggs, or a couple of sports drinks before bed.  I tried all three, finding each to be monumentally ineffective! This prompted me to ask, what does science say is the most effective hangover cure and why on earth didn’t I know this beforehand?!


What definitely doesn’t work?

To put it bluntly, lots and lots and lots of things!

Hair of the dog: In most people does not change hangover symptoms, or makes them even more severe.  Also, appears to increase the incidence of drinking problems (1). Don’t do it!

IV drip: All the rage at the moment and extremely expensive – up to $250 for a single dose! Sadly, science says it doesn’t work. Yes, studies conducted on the IV administration of vitamins and saline liquid found them to have…

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