When should you foam roll? 

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if you read my previous article, you would know foam rolling can be beneficial under certain circumstances according to our old friend, science. So when should you roll to get the greatest effect?


Well, if it’s flexibility you’re after, you need to be rolling pre-match as changes to flexibility from foam rolling appear to only last ten minutes. I say that it is still beneficial to roll pre-match, as this will enable you to move deeper into range during your chosen sport, which could potentially over time lead to functional changes in flexibility, due to training in this increased range.

Soreness, dreaded DOMS, performance: 

For soreness, you’re best off rolling immediately after sport. This has been shown to decrease DOMS and improve athletic performance in the days following rolling. This  improved performance at training may then over time lead to improved performance in matches.

I hope this very brief article has been healthful. For the references and background, please see my previous foam roller review.


5 thoughts on “When should you foam roll? 

  1. I have found that foam rolling my upper back after a workout keeps the muscles in my upper back from knotting up as I cool down [old muscles, old sports issues, I’m 61]. If I can get through the cool down phase without muscle issues my back is usually good all day [I work out in the early morning]. I exercise daily so I can’t say how durable a solution foam rolling is if it is not done daily but it does help me when done daily.

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    1. Hi again Sarah!

      I think foam rolling is an appropriate substitute for stretching following exercise to reduce muscle soreness. Five to ten minutes following exercise is probably sufficient.

      With regard to flexibility, if you can roll a muscle it will probably have the same effect as stretching it. To get long term improvements, you’d probably have to foam roll for five to ten minutes daily most days of the week.

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